The Wiccan Key – Pentagram Necklace 925 Sterling Silver


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The Wiccan Key necklace :  is it a key? Is it a sword ? Is it a cross ? Make yours this powerful symbol that spans the ages.
The pentagram has been in use for thousands of years, in a variety of religious and pagan contexts. But in modern times the pentagram is most often associated with Neo-Pagan religions, especially Wicca. It is often depicted enclosed in a circle, a symbol known as a pentacle. In these traditions the five points often represent the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. For Wiccans the pentagram may also symbolise masculine and feminine, or the Triple Goddess (three points) and the Horned God (two points). Many Neo-Pagans consider the pentagram a symbol of protection and may use it to invoke or banish spirits. Mathematically, the segments of the pentagram exhibit the golden ratio.
Delivered in its beautiful Moonspell box.

MATERIAL : 925 sterling silver

PLATING :  platine

PENDANT SIZE : 25 x 9.5 mm

CHAIN :  45cm / 18 inches

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